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Apathy or Ignorance?

"Insurance Industry Response to Flood Affected Buildings in Carlisle 2005"

Photo taken 4 weeks after the flood! 10th Feb 2005 in Warwick Rd.

Contractor and loss adjuster are proud to display their names!

The building is still wet and uncontrolled on all levels!

An Audit of East Sussex-Lewis floods in 2000 showed the same problems, how much money has been wasted since?


Following the release of my first Carlisle audit I have been criticised by some who feel my findings are unbalanced and even malicious. Ask the Insurance company shareholders or those asked to pay higher premiums for incompetence. The audit is visual; the comments are technical and obvious. There is no witch hunt, few if any involved in the recovery response can deny the findings; they are blatant which is so much more indefensible.

Four weeks after the flooding and many buildings are still uncontrolled, wet with unnecessary secondary damage occurring needlessly. I have stated opinion and substantiated where possible, I am prepared to be questioned or debate audit contents, I have raised my head above the parapet, and made many statements, it should be easy to discredit me if I am wrong.

Lewis & Kent Flooding 2000

I undertook a similar audit in Lewis and Kent in 2000 following wide area flooding.

That document results are identical to this audit and the Insurance industry response to property damage has simply not moved on. In fact it has gone backwards in many ways. A concluding report will be available which identifies these issues and will provide recommendations to benefit all concerned in the field of property damage repair. Please contact me if you require details.

Bullet Point Finding of This Audit

Many contractors and loss adjusters, surveyors and builders have the skills necessary to undertake competent damage recovery. Unfortunately each has special qualities that currently, may not be linked or used in unison. There appears to be a total misconception by some of the following different procedures;
  • Mitigation and the need for speed to control or reduce damage
  • Drying, anyone can dry but restoration speed drying is a skill
  • Builders, essential & skilled but not to be confused with restoration
  • Restoration, the art of salvage and restoring to pre loss condition
  • Surveying, the science of buildings and quantifiable components.
  • Standards, misinterpreted by those not familiar with areas above.
  • Balance & triage the need to identify economic salvage or replacement
  • Loss adjusters to move quickly to utilise all above skills in triage

Audit 2 Objective

To remove any doubt that day to day or wide area property damage claims are mismanaged and cost more than they should. More importantly indicate that time, money & resources could be better utilised to reduce claim costs and simultaneously improve profit and reduce time to claim closure. To provide an overview of technical problems and identify serious areas of concern regarding specific claims and industry response.

Note: Legal and criminal liability aspects have been excluded form this audit, although very significant areas of concern for both CEOs and suppliers exist.
Long tail claim liability has also been excluded

A review of competence four weeks after the flood!

Both Raining inside!

Raining Inside.


Raining Builder

Condensation on windows from a company that knows drying !

All audit documents, including the 2000 edition can be downloaded at www.disasteradvice.org     Contact me for free access code.

Report may be copied if accreditation given to author.

Report Ends

Jeff Charlton
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