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   Jeff Charlton

Date of Birth 1949
Contact Office 08700 789 999
Mob 07990 500 999

My initial career was working in mechanical engineering and the National Health Service. Focus of interest in medical physics’ and nuclear medicine with specific responsibilities in radio isotopes such as iodine, caesium, technetium, and radium.

Three years in military service with 51st Highland Volunteers and undertook specialist education training provider in CBR battlefield defence.

The mid eighties started with the inception and development of a building and environmental decontamination company, this gave a very broad education on chemical acid, base and surfactant use. This experience resulted in an approach from Sweden’s biggest disaster recovery company “Ocab as a European networking partner.

The experience gained from this resulted in a solo expedition to Kuwait post Gulf war in 1990. From a standing start as a lone contractor I developed a work force of over 400 multi lingual personnel.

 We provided demonstrations and feasibility studies on recovery and restoration protocols to companies such as Bechtel. Brown & Root,  Ministries of Aukaf and Electricity & Water.  I provided training and scopes of work for US Corps of Engineers during their initial recovery phase of Kuwait.

My company specialised in decontamination of oil terminals, (gathering stations), Doha electricity power station and worked closely with EOD explosive ordinance disposal to expose and identify hidden or oil covered explosive devices.
Various hotels such as Kuwait Crown Plaza (Holiday Inn) Marriott and embassies were restored to minimise loss and maximise profits. Works in Kuwait lasted over two years.

On return to UK I started a new company specialising in disaster recovery and worked for various loss adjusting and insurance companies with specific focus on the London area or major national and International disruptive event. The development and growth of Business continuity planning was recognised and from visiting on average 3 commercial disasters a week I developed a very broad knowledge of the concept and became a member of the BCI Business Continuity Institute.

During the nineties and early 2000 I worked and studied extensively in the USA and Europe focusing on toxic mould, HAZMAT situations and certified in various fields including licensed asbestos removal. While in the USA I worked with the Toxic mold task force in the development of the decontamination protocols as seen in the IICRC S520 manual.
General failures in the current principles of building drying and resulted in the development of various novel protocols for speed drying and these are still utilised today.
I served on the on the HVAC task force and made input to the TR17 cleaning standards of ventilation systems reflecting indoor air quality.

The events of 9/11 identified serious deficiencies in the limitations of planning for response instead of defence and focus was placed on developing proactive defence procedures. These procedures focused on the defence of buildings and protection of occupants, this resulted in various commissions for contingency plans and invitation as a visiting lecturer at Cranfield Royal Military College.

From 2001 I have reduced and replaced my contracting capability with the growth in consultancy and audits, inspections and training. The focus has been on property defence and occupant safety with recovery and robust business continuity a cornerstone.

Personal achievements
  • Winner of Disaster Recovery awards 1999 & 2001 and finalist in three other years.
  • Founding chairman and Fellow of BDMA British Damage Management Association,
  • Chairman of BCI London Forum. Business Continuity Institute
Past speaker engagements
  • Chatham House Insurance vulnerabilities Horizon Scanning
  • Survive International conference in Business Continuity & Terrorism
  • BCI CBRN Terrorism and defence – alternative strategies in BC planning
  • BDMA Mould & asbestos hazards &awareness
  • Homeland Defence (Kentucky USA) Terrorism and defence
  • Security for Energy Infrastructure CBR Terrorism and Business Continuity
  • Madrid Security conference CBR Terrorism defence issues

Training or Speaking engagements 2007
  • Protecting Oil &energy Infrastructure 4 Hour workshop and  seminar on escape and shelter
  • Russian Power & Energy defence 2 day
  • Kuwait Oil Field Security 5 day counter terrorism course April  
  • Fortune 250 dinner speaker Emerging business threats
  • Fortune 250 CIO Connect Lunch speaker Bird Flu-Pandemic
  • De-contaminating   CBR agents. The Cleaning Show Birmingham March
  • Bird flu and decontamination issues.The Cleaning show Birmingham March
  • BCI Expo March 28-29 Polonium 210  and general cost issues of decontamination
  • BCI Expo 4 Hour workshop on CBR Building Defence & employees safety
  • BCI Expo Semianr on Bird Flu protection and engineering controls

  • Certified Forensic Examiner
  • Member of Board of Homeland Defeence Technicians  (USA)  
  • Certified Restorer USA
  • Water Loss Specialist USA
  • Certified Mechanical Hygienist USA
  • Applied Microbial Remediation Technician USA
  • Mould Remediation Supervisor Hydrolab USA
  • Certified IR thermographer UK FLIR
  • Associate Institute Occupational Safety Health UK
  • Asbestos surveyor BIOH UK
  • Asbestos identification, Polarised Light Microscopy BIOH UK
  • Hazwopper 1st Responder 40 hour USA
  • Senior Tech BDMA UK
  • Disinfection & Air Quality (Stockholm)
  • Blood borne Pathogen decontamination USA
  • Mold Remediation USA & Toxic Mold Task force
  • Confined space working UK USA
  • Member BCI Business Continuity Institute
  • IICRC & ASCR fire & flood odour USA (Instructor status)
  • ASD Applied Structural Drying USA
  • Air Sampling Techniques SKC. UK
  • Fire, Flood IICRC & ASCR USA
  • ONC Engineering
  • Blood Trauma Scene
  • Crystal Meth Lab decontamination  
  • Crime scene clean up
  • Instructor with NIDS National Institute of Decontamination Specialists USA
  • Instructor status with ABRA American Bio Recovery Association
  • Registered Expert Witness

Instructor with the following organisations for all areas described in  qualifications.
  • BDMA British Damage Management Association
  • NIDS National Institute Decontamination Specialists USA
  • ABRA American Bio Recovery Association
  • BRADI Bio Recovery and Decontamination Institute (UK)
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